Monday, January 18, 2016

Pure Talent! 9 things you probably didn't know about ASA

Brilliant and unique are two words which best describe talented singer, Bukola Elemide better known as Asa. Here are 9 facts you probably didn’t know about the 33 year old ‘Bed of Stone’ singer:

  1. Asa was born in Paris, France 33 years ago but grew up in Lagos.
  2. Despite recording different songs with Yoruba language, Asa cannot speak the language fluently.
  3. Asa’s stage name which means a hawk was inspired by her childhood days when she would drift away from home with no destination in particular.
  4. Asa once got admitted to study a diploma course in Theatre Arts and Music at Lagos State University but she later dropped out to chase her music career.
  5. She is inspired by the music of late Fela AnikulapoKutiBob Marley and Aretha Franklin.
  6. After dropping out of Lasu, Asa attended a music school, Peter King’s Music School where she learnt music composition and how to play the guitar more professionally.
  7. Asa’s 3rd album, Bed of Stone was ‘written on the road’. She wrote most of the songs while on tour of Europe and America.
  8. Although not a practicing Muslim, Islam actually inspires Asa and has been a motivating factor for some of her songs especially ‘Awe’. Asa practiced the religion for about 3 years while staying with her grandmother.
  9. Asa debuted with two albums. Well, this is a fact as Asa’s former label, Questionmark owned by Kelvin Luciano released a debut album (The Captivator) for the singer while she also went on to drop her own record which was self-titled. Both albums had similar songs as well as individual songs.


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