Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amazing stuff!...How to Pack Luggage Like a Pro (Watch video)

This video is for people like me that are always indecisive on what to pack and end up packing a lot. I’m so guilty of always packing too much, even if it’s just a weekend trip. And most times, I’ll still even need an extra bag to put my shoes. My brother teases me about this every chance he gets, and it’s just annoying...lol.

IT consultant-turned-travel blogger, Tom Ayzenberg, sure knows some space-saving tricks. In this viral video, which has been viewed over nine million times, the guy demonstrates a bundled wrapping method of packing — otherwise known as ‘clown car style’. The 28-year-old explains that he had learned this particular packing hack from his mother. Best of all, it will save loads of space and your clothes will arrive at your destination without much wrinkles.

‘I’m going to pack all this stuff into this bag,’ he says at the beginning of the video, displaying a month’s worth of jeans, shorts, and t-shirts alongside a small backpack. And then you’ll see real wonder!

Click here to watch

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