Sunday, January 24, 2016

6 reasons Lagos is arguably the world’s craziest city

With a population of over 21 million people, Lagos is Africa’s largest city and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. With its dynamism, tenacity and unique energy that pulsate through it, Lagos is certainly a city to be reckoned with, and here are few out of many reasons;

1. Insane traffic jams

With the time it takes someone to fly from Lagos to Johannesburg, a person living in Lagos may be lucky to have reached Victoria Island from the airport by car, especially at the peak periods of the day…lol. Perpetual traffic jams are par for the course in this city and something the locals know how to deal with well. As frustrating as it is, it has become part of the Lagosians’ lifestyle.

2. ‘Danfo’ drivers
Weaving in and out of traffic like a Lionel Messi through the defensive line of a rival team, Danfo drivers (bus drivers) are the kings of the road and nobody messes with them. Do not argue or drag road with’s usually a waste of time, unnecessary and at your own Do not question their driving proficiency,they are the craziest..hands down!

3. Owambe parties
Trust me when I say Lagos is a place where there are ‘owambes’ every blessed day of the week; from baby showers to birthdays, to house warmings, to weddings, to name a few. Lagos city is always buzzing and bubbling, and all the money you earn in the city, you probably spend there if proper care is not

4. Power cuts
Power cuts are endemic in Lagos and across the the whole of Nigeria, and it therefore comes as no surprise that the market for generators is one of the biggest in the world. As a result there is a constant humming sound emanating throughout Lagos. ‘I better pass my neighbour’ things :D

5. Makoko
The Venice of This floating slum village is self-governed by ‘area boys’ who extort money from passers-by, act as defacto security guards and also sell drugs.
I was in Makoko last year for a health outreach, and really it was an experience. I never thought such area ever existed in Lagos. It’s just crazy and sad at the same time.

6. Being resourceful
Nigerians and particularly 'Lagosians' are known for being the optimistic in the world,and several Gallup polls over the years have confirmed this. With this high level of optimism comes great degree of resourcefulness - making something out of nothing. Who said you need table tennis paddles to play table tennis...huh??

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