Thursday, February 4, 2016

Top 10 foods highest in Cholesterol

Guys, as opposed to general conclusions, it is not necessarily until you are physically fat before you have a high level of cholesterol in your system. So please pay attention and get it right. These are foods that have very high level of cholesterol:

   1.       Egg Yolk
   2.       Liver (especially chicken)
   3.       Fish and Fish oils  (While fish are high in cholesterol, they are considered a heart healthy food due to also providing omega 3 fatty acids.)
   4.       Fast foods (Fries, cheese and sausage, fried chicken, hamburger etc)
   5.       Animal fats & oil (Butter)
   6.       Shellfish and Seafood
   7.       Processed meats ( Bacon, beef sticks, pork sausage etc)
   8.       Red meat
   9.       Cheese
   10.   Cakes, Pies and cookies

Mehn!!! Almost all the sweetest foods have been listed here oh…*sigh*..What do we do??

Well, I’m not a doctor but I think I’m informed enough to know a few ways around this. Just as they say, too much of most things, if not everything, is bad, so the first thing is to cut our high consumption of these foods, and let’s eat them moderately and sensibly. Being conscious about our consumption will go a long way, because it’s really not easy to lie to one’s

Then we form the habit of eating fruits and vegetables daily.  If you’re like me and don’t like eating fruits, then you blend your mix of fruits into a liquid form (watery or thick). Taking it chilled is just total bliss by the way..*winks*

Now to the best way out we always don’t wanna hear, EXERCISE! I want to assume we know much about that already. Find your own way of burning those fats, even if it’s a hobby that requires you sweating out – skipping, football, table and lawn tennis, dancing, to name a few.

Let’s stay alive and well people!!!

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