Friday, February 12, 2016

8 Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are extremely healthy, delicious and contain many important nutrients. Aside from being very nutritious, they are a highly convenient snack food, right Ladies?? Hehe. There are many types of bananas available, which vary in color, size and shape. The most common type is the yellow banana, which is green when unripe. But there is another species common especially in Lagos now; I learnt the Igbo people cultivate them the most. The color remains green even when ripe, and they are usually very thick and sweet.

Okay, so here are 8 health benefits of bananas that are supported by scientific research.

         1.  Bananas Contain Nutrients That Moderate Blood Sugar Levels
Bananas contain nutrients such as Pectin and resistant starch (especially in the unripe ones) that can help moderate blood sugar levels after meals. They may also reduce appetite by slowing stomach emptying.

   2. Bananas May Improve Digestive Health
Bananas which are fairly rich in fiber and resistant starch may also help feed the friendly gut bacteria and protect against colon cancer.

   3. Bananas May Help With Weight Loss
Bananas may help with weight loss. They are relatively low in calories, high in nutrients and fiber and may have appetite-reducing effects, and hence help with weight loss.

  4. Bananas May Support Heart Health
Bananas are a good dietary source of potassium and magnesium, two nutrients that are essential for heart health.

  5. Bananas Contain Powerful Antioxidants
Bananas are high in several antioxidants, which may help reduce damage from free radicals and lower the risk of some diseases.

  6. Bananas May Improve Kidney Health
Potassium is essential for blood pressure control and healthy kidney function. Eating a banana several times a week may reduce the risk of kidney disease by up to 50 percent.

  7. Bananas May Have Benefits for Exercise
Bananas are often referred to as the perfect food for athletes, largely due to their mineral content and easily digested carbs. Bananas may help relieve muscle cramps caused by exercise. They also provide excellent fuel for endurance exercise.

  8. Bananas Are Easy to Add to Your Diet
Not only are bananas incredibly healthy, they’re also one of the most convenient snack foods around.
Bananas make a great addition to your breakfast yogurt, cereal or smoothie. You can even use them instead of sugar in your baking and cooking.

So please try and add bananas to your diet, if you don’t like eating, blend into a smoothie, then chill it to enjoy! *winks* 

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