Monday, February 1, 2016

Snapchat now makes it much Easier to Find Friends

Till now, adding friends on the Snapchat has been like a pain in the ass. But, here’s good news for those using Snapchat app, as the chatting app has come up with a new feature of snapchat URLs that allow users to directly add people through a URL specific to their usernames. In last few months, Snapchat has come up with variety of new features, but the latest way to add users has come up with the newest addition that joins the array of other options. The new way to add users comes up with list of few options that include username, Snapcode, location, and old-fashioned phone number.

The addition of URLs will make it much easier for users to directly follow other forms of social media to your your Snapchat account. However, unlike platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat hasn't had an easy way to share accounts online until now. To access your URL, press on the Snapchat ghost in the top center of your screen when you open the application. Once you pull up the preview of your profile, select "add friends," which will take you to a list of ways to add users. The "share username" option allows you to text, email, tweet, or share your Snapchat username on Facebook.

Before the addition of the URLs, people used to invite friends on the app by opening the app, pull down the menu bar to reveal your personalized Snapcode, have your friend open their Snapchat app, focus the camera on your screen, and have them take a photo. Now, you don’t have to follow the messy path and just send them a link and enjoy the chat with your friends. You can send the link via text or any other messaging service. When someone opens the URL from their phone, it will automatically prompt Snapchat to add you as a new user.

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