Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#Beautiful Destination: Bordeaux, France.

One of the things I 'longthroat' for is traveling round the world. You get to learn new cultures, new languages, try out new foods, meet people, and ultimately live life. It's just something everyone should like to do I guess.

For more than two decades, France has reigned as the world’s most popular tourist destination, receiving over 82 million foreign tourists annually. People from all over the world are drawn to France’s sophisticated culture, dazzling landmarks, exquisite cuisine, fine wines, romantic chateaux and picturesque countryside.  

Built upon the River Garonne just half an hour inland of the Atlantic Ocean is Bordeaux. A major port city stuffed with fine architecture, historic sites, exceptional shopping and a world-class arts and culture scene. Bordeaux’s city center, features more than 350 historic structures and landmarks that include medieval churches and charming old bridges such as the Ponte de Pierre. 

The city also features several beautiful plazas of which the Place de la Bourse is the most stunning with its mirror-like effect. And a visit to Bordeaux would not be complete without a drive through the surrounding wine country where tourists can admire picturesque villages, vineyards and more.

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