Friday, March 11, 2016

Beware of these public spots for germs

There are a lot of germ infested public objects or spots we might not have been paying attention to. It is necessary we are conscious of these things and take appropriate measures for us to stay healthy. Here are a few of these spots or objects below:

Swimming Pool
A swimming pool definitely tops the list of germ infested public spots. Little kids can carry leftover feaces on their rear ends. They don't make a habit of washing off before jumping in, so all that poop just rinses off into the pool. Some girls still decide to swim while they're on and that's really appalling. Some people have open wounds that just wash off into the pool when they decide to get in.  All these things and more add up, and chlorine doesn't kill everything. It has been found that more than half of pools test positive for E. coli, which can cause bloody diarrhea. Your best line of defense? Try not to swallow any water.

Cart Handles
You might not have given this a thought, but shopping cart handles can be downright gross. That handle can be swarming with up to 11 million microorganisms. And just think about all the dirty diapers on that seat -- the same one you’re putting your goods on. Just try and always use antibacterial wipes whenever you make use of one.

Restaurant Menus
Restaurant menus have 100 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, says Charles Gerba, PhD, a microbiologist with the University of Arizona, better known as Dr. Germ. They’re touched by lots of people daily, but only wiped down once a day, if that, and usually with a used rag. Instead of washing your hands before you sit down, scrub up after you order. And never lay your silverware on top of the menu.

Remote Controls
The TV remote is one of the dirtiest objects in our homes, hotel rooms etc. You could just use a quick wipe before you channel surf.

Toilet door handles
As expected, toilet door handles are a breeding ground for bacteria, too. Before you reach for that door handle, think about how many people don’t wash after using the restroom.  So scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds or carry hand sanitizer.  Statistics show that only 31% of men and 65% of women do either of the two.

Elevator Buttons
It is very rare, if at all it happens, to see someone clean the elevator buttons. And for sure, many people prefer using the elevators to the stairs, and hence the reason for concentration of germs on the buttons. So if you have to use the elevator, push the buttons with your elbow, or just take the stairs, or have sanitizer on hand.

 Dirty Money

ATM buttons, cash, and revolving doors of banks are sure happy grounds for germs. We probably know about the money bills already, but maybe we never thought about ATM buttons and revolving bank door buttons. As for ATMs, companies hope to roll out touch screens with antimicrobial glass to combat cold and flu. For now though, your best defense is to press the buttons with a pen and make use of your sanitizers.

Stay healthy guys!!!

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